Award Process

How does the program operate?

The City Wards are divided into zones and each property in every zone is judged. The specific criteria for judging a property include: curb appeal, landscape maintenance and landscape design. In each zone there are one or two volunteer judges whose qualifications for being a White Trillium Judge are the love of gardening and attendance at the very informative judges’ workshop in June. Review our brochure for more information.

Hamilton Trillium Awards

No nominations required!

White Trillium Award:

White Trillium judging takes place from after the Judging Workshop in June to mid-July, but Judges are instructed not to award any properties prior to July 8. Two properties receiving the highest score in each zone are awarded a White Trillium. This award applies to single family residential properties across the City.

Pink Trillium Award:

The White Trillium winner in each zone with the highest score is nominated for a Pink Trillium. One Pink Trillium is awarded in each ward unless high densities of residential properties exist. Pink Trillium judging occurs during the first week of August by experienced White Trillium judges.

Red Trillium Award:

All properties awarded a Pink Trillium are judged by a “select” panel including the Chair and Co-Chair of the Executive Committee, the Red Trillium Winner of the previous year, and three experts in the field of horticulture. Red Trillium judging is done at the end of August and one Red Trillium is awarded for the entire City of Hamilton.

Red Trillium Award winners’ are not eligible for any Trillium awards (white, pink or red) for 5 subsequent years. If the property ownership changes, the new owner must apply in writing (via the committee) to be eligible for judging before the 5 year period is finished. This policy came into effect in 2015.

Awards of Excellence – Corporate Award Program

Awards of Excellence are awarded to selected nominees from industrial, commercial, institutional and multi-residential properties across the City of Hamilton.

Is your property in Ancaster or Flamborough?

The Ancaster Horticultural Society operates the Trillium Awards in Ancaster. See under Key Information – Ancaster Trillium Awards for further information.

The Flamborough Horticultural Society operates the Trillium Awards in Flamborough. See under Key Information – Flamborough Trillium Awards for further information.