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One of the oldest and largest beautification programs in North America, the Hamilton Trillium Awards Program has been a Hamilton institution since 1956. Now, more than half-century and thousands of Trillium Award Recipients later, the program continues to generate civic pride.

The Hamilton Trillium Awards Program recognizes those residents who, by landscaping and maintaining their property, have contributed to a more attractive neighbourhood and community.

The program is operated by volunteers and supported by the City of Hamilton.

Do you have what it takes to be a Trillium Award Recipient?

No need for nominations as all properties in the City of Hamilton are reviewed and considered for a White Trillium Award.

Each fall, the Public Works Department holds a celebration event to showcase and recognize our Horticulture Section and their programs. The program from the event highlights the annual Hamilton Fall Garden & Mum Show, Hamilton in Bloom Sponsors and the Hamilton Trillium Award recipients.

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