Did you know?

Hamilton started to develop flowered traffic island in 1990. Today there are over 259 flowered traffic islands, plus additional perennial beds throughout the City of Hamilton. Through our Hamilton In Bloom program, each year sponsors can select an island to adopt.

Transforming concrete and asphalt to beautiful flowering beds:

  • Makes daily travelling more enjoyable
  • Plays a role in tourism & economic development
  • Contributes to civic pride
  • Reduces airborne dust & pollution

There are many considerations when designing a flowered traffic island:

  • Traffic Site Lines
    • turn lanes and visibility
    • Traffic speed
  • Exposure
    • sun
    • shade
    • wind
    • Irrigation
    • new or existing system
    • watering tender
    • Salt from Winter snow operations

When creating a design for the traffic island the following are just some of the considerations:

  • Plant Form and Texture
  • Balance
  • Focus
  • Proportion
  • Rhythm
  • Colour

Plant material is also selected for prolonged display of colour into cooler weather.