Tropical House

Important Notice

The Tropical Green House at Gage Park will be closed for renovations starting March 20th, 2017.

There will be no public access available. Please check back for further updates.



Location: Enter the Gage Park parking lot off Lawrence Road, just east of Gage Avenue South. Take the pathway at the north side of the parking lot to the Horticulture Depot.

Wheelchair Accessible & Free Parking


Operational Green House Facility

The new Greenhouse Facility was completed in late September 2011, just in time for the Hamilton Fall Garden & Chrysanthemum Show. The new facility has a growing area of 18,720 sq.ft. The new Greenhouse Facility will host the annual Mum Show allowing us to create a bigger & better show. We are looking forward to the future!

The Greenhouse is used year round and allows our Horticulture Section to grow the plant material required for our flowered traffic islands, park displays and many flower features at civic facilities such as Gage Park, Sam Lawrence Park and City Hall.

Here is some of the new and fascinating technology that the Greenhouse features:

  • 3456 sq. ft High Pressure Sodium grow lights to increase light wavelengths during the winter periods of low light to optimize plant growth during these periods and to alter day length to manipulate vegetative and reproductive growth as needed, specifically with the Chrysanthemums.
  • Argus fully automated greenhouse environmental controls featuring real time equipment controls, monitoring, alarms, data recording and graphical analysis. The systems also provides the ability to make changes to the environmental systems via off-site computer if issues arise during non-working hours
  • Roof venting system that opens fully to 90 degrees allowing the entire greenhouse to act as a cold frame during the transitional seasons. This allows for plants to be hardened off properly for planting outdoors after being grown within the perfect greenhouse environment.
  • High efficiency condensating boilers to improve energy conservation
  • In-floor heating providing the best conditions for plants by giving heat to the roots where they need it and reducing the call on the boilers
  • shade curtains cuts heat loss through the roof and decreases the high light intensity during the summer. Also provide a measure of energy conservation